Keep Your Clients Engaged Between Sessions And Achieve Better Outcomes

  • Create and customize homework
  • Library of pre-made, engaging activities
  • Realtime results & compliancy
  • Unlimited, secure messaging
  • Export all data
  • Web, iOS & Android app

Fully customizable & HIPAA-secure!

Send Digital Homework Activities To Your Therapy Clients

Therachat makes it easy for you to send homework to your clients digitally. Your clients will be able to complete homework on our HIPAA-compliant Mobile App for Clients.

Therachat Pre-made Activities

Save Time With Our Pre-Made Activities

Save time & send clinical activities from our activity library.

Emotion tracking, open journaling, session feedback... select one of our many pre-made activities and easily send them to your clients. All our activities are created in close collaboration with therapists. Our activities are carefully selected to provide you with valuable information and engage your clients.

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Customize And Create Your Own Activities

Send worksheets, images, audio... with just a few clicks!

Create your own activities and attach worksheets, images and audio to them. We support all major file types like, PDF, images, video, mp3 and many more. A few seconds later, your clients will receive your homework on their mobile phone.

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Help your clients get better faster.

Download our free white paper on homework compliance!

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Therachat Unlimited HIPAA-compliant messaging

Support Clients with Unlimited, HIPAA Compliant Messaging.

Our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform is easy to use, reliable and available 24/7. Message your clients on the web or on your mobile device, using our Mobile App for Counselors. Your clients will receive your messages in our secure Mobile App for Clients.

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Access Therachat on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Follow up with clients on the go and behind your desk.

With the Therachat Mobile App for Counselors, you can follow up with your clients on the go. Do you prefer to sit down and use your computer? That's possible with our web dashboard!

Therachat Mobile App for Therapists

"With Therachat I am able to prepare for sessions, have better sessions and achieve better outcomes."

Realtime Results & Homework Compliance to Prepare For Sessions

Monitor progress, important topics & how your clients are doing.

Quickly and easily see how often a client completes homework, how helpful specific activities are and the results of each activity. Therachat will help you prepare and use your time in session more effectively.

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61% of clients using Therachat consistently, reduce their distress.

Therachat journaling activities significantly contribute to distress reduction.

Engage your Clients with Our Free Mobile App for Clients

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This product is really revolutionary for our therapy sessions. I love being able to visualize the emotions and moods of my clients over time and see how they are progressing
Nicole Green
Nicole Green