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Free, Secure App To Improve Your Mental Health

Start Your Journey Towards Self Improvement

Journeys are made in close collaboration with therapists. They are bundles of evidence-based therapeutic activities that will help you achieve specific goals.

Choose The Journey That Works Best For You

A Journey will help teach you new skills to progress towards your individual mental health goals.

Follow The Path Your Journey Takes You On

Each journey takes you through a carefully crafted path, optimized for effectiveness. They will help you reach your mental health goals faster.

Build Long Lasting Skills with Our Activity Library

Our library of activities is designed by therapists to help you feel and become better.

Daily Reminders To Keep Your Journey On Track

Daily reminders will help you stay on track and remind you to journal, track or reflect.

Therachat Mobile App Notifications

61% of people using Therachat are able to reduce their stress levels significantly.

Artificial Intelligence To Help You Spot Patterns In Your Journal Entries

Using advanced AI techniques, Therachat extracts important pieces of context and meaning from journal entries. They help you understand important patterns in your writing and help identify triggers.

Therachat Open Journaling Activity AI
  • “Therachat enables me to track my mood, symptoms, and see patterns. I am grateful to the designers of this app. Thanks for helping me!!”

  • “This is such a great app. It helps me record data of thoughts and patterns that I go through each day.”

  • “I really enjoy the app and have been using it almost everyday. It's been great with helping me track my emotions and journal about my feelings.”

Use It With or Without A Therapist

You can use Therachat by yourself and use our powerful activities to get better, or with your therapist. Using Therachat with your therapist will help you get more out of your sessions. Your therapist will be able to assign you custom activities relevant to your treatment and you'll be able to securely message your therapist in between sessions.

Therachat connect with your therapist