Send Worksheets to Your Therapy Clients Online

Easily send worksheets, images, audio & video files to your clients. Clients will receive your content in our HIPAA-compliant Mobile App for Clients.

Therachat Custom Activities

Send Files & Documents

Secure, HIPAA-compliant storage

Therachat allows you to attach PDFs, images, videos, audio files and hyperlinks to your activities. All your activities will be stored in your personal activity library. We offer unlimited secure HIPAA-compliant storage for all your files and documents.

Centralize Your Worksheets & Files

Therachat makes all your worksheets and files accessible in one place. Wherever you go, you'll be able to access your files and activities and easily send them to clients.

Therachat Custom Activity Library

"Therachat is less time consuming and helps me remind clients. Much easier than paper handouts or Google Drive."

Therachat Mobile App for Therapists

Access On Any Platform, Desktop and Mobile

With the Therachat Mobile App for Counselors, you can access the activities and messages of clients on the go. Do you prefer to sit down and use your computer? That's also possible!