Realtime Results And Stats Allow You To Monitor Clients In Between Sessions

At any time you can check-up on your therapy clients. This allows you to be better informed during the week, as well as having more structured therapy session.

Therachat Homework Results

Chronological Overview Of Activity Results

With the Client Timeline you can easily track client progress.

The Client Timeline allows you to view all your clients journal entries, tracking results, and other results they shared in the mobile Therachat app. This allows you to see all the data in context and have more structred sessions.

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Homework Compliance Score

Adjust your treatment based on homework compliancy scores

Therachat will show you how often a client is completing the activities you scheduled and whether they find it helpful based on feedback they give after each activity.

Therachat Homework Compliance Score

"With Therachat I am able to prepare for sessions and I don't need to spend session time asking a client how there week was."

Start collecting info on clients in between sessions.
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