Discover How All Therachat Features Can Empower You

Pre Made Activities

Pre-Made Activities, Optimized for Client Engagement.

Save time & use activities from our activity library.

Emotion tracking, open journaling, session feedback... select one of our many pre-made activities to send to your clients. We optimized all activities for maximum engagement and compliance.

Create Your Own Custom Activities

Customize Therachat to your needs with just a few clicks

Upload or create your own custom activity that your clients can reply to. Besides questions and prompts, we support uploading worksheets, PDF, images, video, mp3, links and many more file types.
You can also control whether you want activities to be sent once, weekly or daily.

Custom Activities

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Notification Center

Email & Dashboard Notifications.

Easily Know Who Requires Attention.

When your client sends you a message or finishes an activity you will be notified via email. You'll also be notified on your dashboard so you don't have to browse through all your clients. With one click you'll be brought to the message or activity result.

View Results & Homework Compliance.

Track progress, important topics & how your clients are doing.

In the blink of an eye you'll know whether your clients finished their activities, how helpful they found it and what the actual results or entries were.


Export All Client Messages & Activities.

With one click, all messages or activities of a client are exported in a PDF.

Easily export and upload Therachat data into your EHR tool to be compliant with all regulations and documentation.


Direct Messaging

Send Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Messages.

Unlimited messages with unlimited clients.

Message your clients unlimited through our HIPAA-compliant platform. You send messages from your browser dashboard, clients get them in the mobile Therachat app. It only requires your clients email address.

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How Therachat Will Help Your Clients.

Free Smartphone App For iOS & Android.

All activities and messages will go to a FREE, HIPAA-compliant mobile app available for iOS & Android.

View Progress, Patterns & Results.

With our history view, clients can look back how far they have come, can spot patterns in their data and recall important things to bring up in session.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging.

Clients love being able to feel heard and connect with their therapist in between sessions. Your clients can easily send messages to you from the HIPAA-compliant Therachat app. Messages will only be available to you and your clients.

Clients send on average 3 messages weekly.

Reminders & Notifications.

Clients forgetting their homework, is one of the main reasons why clients do not finish it. With Therachat, Each time you sent a message or activity to a client, they will be notified through email and reminded through push notifications.

With Therachat clients finish on average 4 homework activities weekly.