What is Therachat?
Therachat is a platform for therapists to engage & connect with their clients in between sessions. The mobile app encourages clients to reflect on their thoughts and feelings in a couple of ways. Clients can journal with Therachat either in a conversational manner by prompting them to answer open-ended questions or by writing down what they are experiencing. Clients can also dive into their emotions by tracking them. All you have to do is set up your web account here, invite clients and watch insights roll in. Therapists will receive Therachat’s quick analysis of the client responses, which therapists can use to inform in-person therapy sessions.
How do I add a client?
The first step is to create a free therapist account on this website. Once you created an account, you can invite clients by clicking the “Invite client” button in the top right corner of the screen. Therachat will ask for your client’s email in order to send them an invitation with a mobile client app download link. Once the client downloads the app, they can create an account and they will be matched with you automatically. Their information, journal entries, emotion tracking results... will appear on your dashboard.
What happens after I add a client?
Once the client downloads the free mobile app and begins to track their mood and journal, you will be able to view the client’s interaction with the app on your dashboard. You will also be able to see conversation analysis.
Can I customize the mobile app for my clients?
Yes! You can assign activities per client such as journaling, mood tracking, send them an article or a prompt. We are constantly adding and improving activities so that you can customize it with ease.
Can I get a demo?
Definitely. Please email us at support@therachat.io.
Why should therapy clients use Therachat?
Therachat makes it easier to stay on top of therapy goals and incorporate journaling into therapy clients’ daily lives. It encourages self-reflection and takes away the hassles of having to remember to make time for journaling by regularly sending quick prompts straight to clients’ phones.
How do clients get the app?
After a therapist creates an account and adds a client by entering their name and email address, the client will get an email invitation to download the app.
Is Therachat HIPAA compliant?
Yes! We have built Therachat with security & privacy in mind!
Who is reading the conversations?
All in-app journal conversations of the client are only accessible by the therapist and that client. In some cases, clients may choose to use the app on their own, without linking it to a therapist account. In that case, no one but that mobile client app user will see the journal conversations in the mobile app.