How Therachat empowers Lisa Velasquez' therapy clients and gives them a purpose.

Lisa Velasquez

Lisa Velasquez

Practice: Private Practice
Therachat-user since January 2018
"Therachat has given my clients a purpose. It empowers them to work towards their therapy goals and they make it part of their day."

I have a lot a lot of clients that don't work and suffer from depression. They didn't finish homework before I started using Therachat. The fact that they want to use Therachat is remarkable.

How Therachat Gives Purpose To Lisa Her Clients & Stimulates Them To Work Towards Their Therapy Goals

I see some of my clients once a week in the beginning and then I go from every other week. I had a missing link in between sessions. Being able to monitor how they were doing and whether they are making progress. I tell my clients to text me whenever they feel like it, but it's easier to use Therachat; it's more comfortable and takes less energy for them.

How My Clients Self-Advocate And Request More Activities

Many clients have told me they really like Therachat. It's really helpful for them, and then they'll ask me for more activities, which I find really cool. Every time a client has requested new activities, they're self-advocating for themselves and I am thinking "Great, you're doing your homework and you want more". My clients are really open to Therachat, they really like the experience because it offers them a moment to process.

Therachat Gives My Clients A Purpose

Before using Therachat, my clients didn't do homework. I'd ask them to journal their feeling but that's pretty general. Therachat offers a very specific, laid out plan with activities to cater my clients. It gives them ideas and asks them what they are feeling today, how their day is, what they want to talk about next session etc. All the activities are just there. They don't have to think about it, just write. The fact that they want to use it is remarkable. This has really given them a purpose. They actually make that a part of their day.

I am Able To Notice And Track Progress

One of my depressed clients wrote on Therachat "I went outside and planted some flowers today". Well that's powerful to me, for someone who doesn't have energy normally and just want to stay inside... When they tell me they went outside and did something that's a good indicator that they're feeling better.

Lisa's Favorite Therachat Activities

- About Next Session
- Open Journaling

Therachat offers a very specific, laid out plan with activities to cater my clients.
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Lisa Velasquez