How Anne uses Therachat to schedule homework ahead of time and save time during therapy sessions.

Vivien Roman-Hampton

Anne A. Rice

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, LMHC
Practice: Firefly Wellness Counseling
Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions
Therachat-user since April 2018
"With Therachat, I don't have to stress anymore about finding and printing worksheets in session. I save 5-10 minutes each session that I can now spend on my clients."

I don't spend time in session anymore printing off worksheets and having my clients wait in session. I can think more strategically which homework I want to give, and then schedule it through Therachat afterwards. I really like that I can schedule homework in advance, so I don't have to remember to send my clients something on different days. I can just find all the homework I want my client to be doing, schedule it and I'm done!

How Therachat Helps Me Save Time Every Session

I was looking for a tool that allowed me to schedule homework after a session instead of having to remember it in session. A tool that would allow me to interact with my clients in between sessions, but in a scheduled way. So I can schedule the homework I want my clients to be doing in one go instead of having to send it over email and hope they would see it.

1. One Moment After A Session To Schedule All Homework For the Week

With Therachat it is just so easy to assign homework to clients. If I can't think of a resource right when I am with my client during session I can take some time researching, send it through Therachat afterwards and have them interact with that in the mobile app. For instance: I knew a client had a tough moment coming up, so I scheduled an encouraging note a day after. I didn't have to remember to send him that note that specific moment. Being able to schedule activities beforehand, is really helpful.

2. Clients Get More Value Out Of Therapy Sessions

Finding the right homework and giving it to clients in session usually took 5-10 minutes of their session time. That time saved, is now time we spend on processing, going over older homework etc. The sessions also feel less rushed. I know that I can explain the homework to them through Therachat. So that extra time is definitely spent doing more therapy.

3. Therachat Features That Help Anne Save Time

- Advanced scheduling of activities
- Send worksheets and files

With Therachat I am less rushed in my sessions and I am no longer worried about the logistics of homework. That extra time in session is now spent doing more therapy.
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Anna A Rice